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How to change your world

The idea is this, and it seems to work, we’ve started it in our town.

A small group, gets together and figures out how to create small “teams” around them, choosing natural leaders from their community to fulfill the following community needs:

  1. Business Team
  2. Medical Team
  3. Home School Team
  4. Food Security & Seed Saving Team
  5. Mental & Physical Health Team
  6. Media & Communications Team
  7. and any other Teams you require.

All you need to do is gather 6 people in your town, all with the same desire of creating better communities, and start talking to your like-minded Nurses, Business Owners, Farmers, Counsellors, Gym Owners and Computer Experts.

Find the leaders amongst them, those that can organise others, and before you know it, you’ll all be building a new community based on your values, not someone elses. It’s actually pretty easy.

After the last 20 months, it feels like it’s the right time to start Creating what we’ve all been Dreaming.

“Find a friendly plumber, hairdresser, cafe or shop. Have lots of backyard gardeners who can supply fresh healthy food.

Talk to a counsellor who understands what you’ve been going through, because they’ve been experiencing it too.”

This website, can then become your Command Centre, to setup your Teams, connect community, have discussions, share ideas and take action.

The individual Teams can keep in touch with what is happening in other Teams within their Community, allowing everyone to know what’s going on.

Sharing skills, services, produce and products.  We even have ideas for a brilliant barter system. 

We can do this town to town, region to region and state to state. Tell your friends in the next town about it. Get them active, build something new. We’re all pretty clever and we all know how to govern ourselves.

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Our idea of a new Australia

The Co-Operative of Everything idea was created by a bunch of locals in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, sitting around a fire, playing drums and rattles.

A young lady was telling her story, of how her small community in the hills, had formed a co-operative to share food and goods. From that conversation, we sat around our dining table and discussed how we could expand that idea into co-opping everything.

Nobody owns the Co-Op of Everything, and everybody owns it.

It is what we all make of it.

This website, is purely a tool, that has the potential to allow your community to connect, co-operate and support each other in the years ahead.

We know our world, and our beloved country has gone pear-shaped. Our communities are not our own. Our Governments are not our own. In fact, we find ourselves powerless to control any aspects of our lives.

This is where our local Community regains it’s power. We are the labour, we are the creators, we are the dreamers and we are the instigators of where our Country is going.

Let’s take this opportunity to take responsibility for the Country we hand over to our children and their children. Taking responsibility, means being responsible.

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